Federal Way Discount Guns

Shooting Leagues

Tuesday Nights:

ACTION SHOOTING League: 6:00 - 8:30 pm. Come and Shoot your tactical carbines (any caliber up to .308), shot guns, and hand guns in our brand new tactical bay. We set up the obstacles and barriers and walk and coach. Each shooter is individually timed and scored.  

Entrance Fee $20.00

Tuesday ALL DAY:

LADIES DAY!  Free range fees for ladies on Tuesdays.  Come in and enjoy practice with other like minded women.  All day for free! 

Wednesday Nights:

STEEL PLATE COMPETITION: 6:00 - 8:30 pm. Come and shoot steel plates in our brand new Tactical Bay. Each person shoots timed qualification rounds, then shoots against other shooters until there is a winner.
Entrance Fee $20.00 (each additional gun $5).